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Hay Price Outlook

The current outlook for horse hay supplies and prices in 2014 is more optimistic than last years due to: increasing hay acres in production and good spring rains in many areas, which should boost production.  As always, local growing conditions will have a big impact on what you will have to pay for hay.  It is always best to estimate your total annual hay needs early and contract to fill your needs during the production season.

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AQHA seeks location bids for mounted shooting contest

AQHA is requesting host-site bids for the 2017 Zoetis AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse and AQHA Cowboy Mounted Shooting world championships and the AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenge Finals, which will be held in 2018. The inaugural Zoetis VRH World was held in 2008 in Denver during the National Western Stock Show. In 2011, the show was relocated to Houston, during the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.

The qualifying period for the Zoetis VRH, AQHA CMS world championships and Ranching Heritage Challenge Finals is January 1 to December 31 each year. The show has been held in mid-March for the past three years. However, according to a recent survey, exhibitors would prefer the event to be held in May or June. The event typically lasts four days, but AQHA would like to expand it to a minimum of five days. It is AQHA's preference that the Zoetis VRH and AQHA CMS world championships, along with the Ranching Heritage Challenge Finals keep these same qualifying dates, with the event dates moved to May or June in 2018.

Interested organizations or facilities must complete this form to submit a bid. Please be sure to include information you would like the AQHA Executive Committee to consider when reviewing the proposal.
Information on the Zoetis VRH and AQHA CMS world championships is available at:

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