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    Hay Price Outlook

    The current outlook for horse hay supplies and prices in 2014 is more optimistic than last years due to: increasing hay acres in production and good spring rains in many areas, which should boost production.  As always, local growing conditions will have a big impact on what you will have to pay for hay.  It is always best to estimate your total annual hay needs early and contract to fill your needs during the production season.

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    New phone app measures pasture acres and more

    Ever wondered how many acres are in a pasture, how much material you will need to build a fence?

    Now there is an app for your smartphone that does just that. It’s available from the Noble Foundation, Ardmore, OK, according to Austin Miles, a research associate with the organization.

    The app is called GeoMeasure.  It is a free download for both iOS and Android smartphones.  With GeoMeasure, you can determine area in square feet or acres.

    Users can determine area or distance either by dropping markers on the device’s screen; or by GPS, which simply means the device tracks your movement as you walk the perimeter of the given area.

    To learn more or download the app, go to:

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