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    Hay Price Outlook

    The current outlook for horse hay supplies and prices in 2014 is more optimistic than last years due to: increasing hay acres in production and good spring rains in many areas, which should boost production.  As always, local growing conditions will have a big impact on what you will have to pay for hay.  It is always best to estimate your total annual hay needs early and contract to fill your needs during the production season.

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    The Latest in Stabling Stuff


    Two new horse health products introduced by APC, Inc.

    Ankeny, Iowa - APC, Inc. announces the introduction of two new equine performance products to its LIFELINE brand of animal care solutions, Equine Elite and AgeWell. Both products carry the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) seal. 

    "Our LIFELINE family of products help animals thrive," stated Jennifer Whetzel, Director of Marketing for APC, Inc. Consumer Products Division.

    LIFELINE Equine Elite and AgeWell performance horse products are different from typical vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements. The unique active ingredient is BioThrive, a complex mixture of bioactive proteins. BioThrive acts multisystemically to support a healthy inflammatory response and to help address issues related to joint mobility, respiration, immunity, gut health and reproduction. 

    "Our technology and its beneficial effects have been documented in more than 300 published, peer-reviewed journal articles across multiple species, including horses," explained Whetzel. "We are delighted that our trial users have seen wonderful results from our products." 

    The products are now available for sale at Theisen's (, Horse Health USA (, PBS Animal Health (, as well as select Theisen's, Western Ranch Supply Co. and PBS Animal Health retail locations. 

    A current list of where to buy the products can be found through the store locator on the LIFELINE website, Additional retail stores, veterinary clinics and websites will have the products available in the near future. 

    To learn more about APC, Inc.'s LIFELINE brand of products, including a list of scientific studies and testimonials from current trial users, visit Connect with LIFELINE on Facebook ( and Twitter (@horselifeline). 


    Two new apps for horse stable owners

    University of Minnesota Equine Research announces that its “Hay Price Calculator and “Healthy Horse” apps are now available. The Hay Price Calculator is now available for Android users as well as those with Apple phones.  The Price Calculator had been available on Apple since late last year.

    The Hay Price Calculator app lets users quickly convert price bale to price per ton, which is more cost-effective way of evaluating true hay cost.  The Hay Price Calculator app retails for $0.99 and be found at for Android phones and for Apple phones.

    A second app, “Healthy Horse” allows horse owners and professionals the ability to estimate the body weight of adult Arabians, stock horses, saddle horses, ponies and miniature horses by entering in the equine’s height, body length, neck and girth circumference. Ideal body weight and a body weight score can also be calculated for Arabians, ponies and stock horses from newly developed University research. The Healthy Horse apps retails for $1.99 and can be found at  Health Horse is currently available for Apple products only; an Android version is expected by the end of March 2014. 


    New round bale handler from Work Saver 

    Work Saver, Inc., Litchfield, IL introduces a new attachment that permits an operator to rotate large round bales in both directions for easier and more complete feeding.

    The RW Spin Off Round Bale Feeder lifts and rotates large round bales allowing the operator to control the amount of hay fed, eliminating waste.  Changing feeding location each day eliminates manure buildup.

    Models available fit Category II/III 3-pt hitches (FSO-906), front loaders (FLSO-907) or skid steers (SSSO-908).


    Bakko launches expanded waterer product line adding horse stall and pasture models

    GLENWOOD, MN: Bakko Industries announces a 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee on new waterer purchases at the same time it launches an expanded presence in the equine waterer market.  According to company CEO Carman Bakko, it is the only guarantee of its kind in the industry. In addition to the satisfaction guarantee, the company offers a two-year product warrantee.

    Bakko has been providing waterers to the livestock industry since 1984 but only recently began offering pasture and stall waterer models designed for the needs of equine stables.  As it expands, it is looking for additional qualified dealers to handle the product in select areas.

    The company’s 303 Jugwaterer system features a patented “draw-tube” design that is much like a giant straw.  The horse places its mouth over the opening in the drinking bowl and sucks up the water just as it would from a tank or water hole.

    The draw tube is attached to the drinking bowl with a feed trap that keeps feed and other debris from the animal’s mouth out of the reservoir.  As animals drink, the weather-sealed water bowl is constantly replenished with fresh, clean water.  There are no lift flaps, disks or balls to push.  Thick urethane insulation helps keep water cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  An energy-efficient heating system is available where the climate requires an external heating source during cold weather.  The company says annual heating costs run $10 per waterer.

    For more information on the 303 Jugwaterer system, go to To view a detailed webinar on the Jugwater system, email Kim Homan at For information about dealership availabilities, you can also contact Kim Homan at 1-800-584-6675.