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Hay Price Outlook

The current outlook for horse hay supplies and prices in 2014 is more optimistic than last years due to: increasing hay acres in production and good spring rains in many areas, which should boost production.  As always, local growing conditions will have a big impact on what you will have to pay for hay.  It is always best to estimate your total annual hay needs early and contract to fill your needs during the production season.

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New round bale handler from Work Saver 

Work Saver, Inc., Litchfield, IL introduces a new attachment that permits an operator to rotate large round bales in both directions for easier and more complete feeding.

The RW Spin Off Round Bale Feeder lifts and rotates large round bales allowing the operator to control the amount of hay fed, eliminating waste.  Changing feeding location each day eliminates manure buildup.

Models available fit Category II/III 3-pt hitches (FSO-906), front loaders (FLSO-907) or skid steers (SSSO-908).

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