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Hay Price Outlook

The current outlook for horse hay supplies and prices in 2014 is more optimistic than last years due to: increasing hay acres in production and good spring rains in many areas, which should boost production.  As always, local growing conditions will have a big impact on what you will have to pay for hay.  It is always best to estimate your total annual hay needs early and contract to fill your needs during the production season.

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The Latest in Stabling Stuff


Ayrstone introduces new outdoor wifi receiver

MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Ayrstone Productivity is introducing a product engineered to bring long-range WiFi signals from an Ayrstone AyrMesh Network into seemingly impenetrable metal structures such as pole barns. 

Most Wi-Fi signals cannot penetrate metal buildings including stables, riding arenas and more.  The new product, called the Ayrstone AyrMesh Receiver, enables devices lacking Wi-Fi connectivity to join an existing AyrMesh Network. 

The AyrMesh Receiver provides users an easy way to get a network Internet connection inside a metal building or other structure that is difficult to penetrate with Wi-Fi. 

"This product was created in response to demand from our users," said Bill Moffitt, president of Ayrstone Productivity. "Our users often have offices, workshops, or barns with metal siding that Wi-Fi can't penetrate." By mounting an AyrMesh Receiver on the side of a metal building, a network connection is created for computers and other devices within the building. Connecting a Wi-Fi router/access point inside extends Wi-Fi access around the building interior. 

Network devices located outdoors, such as cameras, gauges, or machinery controllers, can join the AyrMesh network quickly and easily, even though they don't have Wi-Fi capability, by plugging them into an AyrMesh Hub. These devices will appear on the AyrMesh Network just like any Wi-Fi device. 

"The Ayrstone AyrMesh Receiver works seamlessly with the AyrMesh Hub, which can broadcast a Wi-Fi signal across several miles from an Internet source," Moffitt says. "Farmers have been enjoying the benefits of the AyrMesh Hub for several years now. The addition of the AyrMesh Receiver to our product line is a significant advancement in helping maximize the benefits of Wi-Fi on the farm." 

The AyrMesh Receiver and the Ayrstone AyrMesh WiFi Hub are available online at For more information about these unique Wi-Fi networking products, visit our website, email or call us at (888) 837-0637. Like us on facebook at, follow us on twitter at, follow our blog at and link with our company at 

Ayrstone Productivity is dedicated to helping small rural businesses, especially equine stables and farmers in North America, become more productive by providing Internet connectivity all across a property. All Ayrstone products are designed for easy setup and use by people with basic technical knowledge. This ease-of-use, combined with the most powerful hardware in the industry, is bringing the benefits of networking to farms, ranches, and other rural homesteads and businesses.


Country Clipper Mowers introduces new zero-turn models

Corydon, Iowa - Country Clipper Mowers has announced a new, redesigned mower lineup for 2013 as the latest addition to its Zero-Turn Mower equipment. Delivering a unique operating experience, Country Clipper continues to innovate and deliver a machine that is easy to use and easy to service. All models are available with "Point and Go" Joystick or Twin Lever steering options. 

The Wrangler is a redesigned compact machine. It is equipped with a 22 HP Kohler or 21.5 HP Kawasaki engine. The Wrangler can travel at speeds up to 7.5 mph and is available with 41", 48" and 52" cutting widths and is said to mow up to nearly 4 acres per hour. 

New for 2013, the Edge is designed for the midsized homeowner and is available with a 21.5 HP Kawasaki or 27 HP Kohler engine. With cutting widths of 48", 52", and 60", the Edge is able to maneuver through narrow spaces or cover large areas of land at up to 8 mph. 

The Edge XLT is the big brother of the Edge. A wide front step provides ease of getting on and off the mower. Country Clipper's articulating front axle and deck allows these components to move independently, reducing gouging and providing a smoother ride on rough or uneven terrain. 

This model is available with a 24 HP Kawasaki engine and 52" or 60" cutting widths. Mow up to 4.75 acres per hour with speeds up to 8 mph. 
The Challenger is offered with 30 HP Briggs & Stratton, 24 HP Kawasaki, and 27 HP Kohler engines. This model can travel at speeds up to 9 mph and is equipped with 52" and 60" decks. 

Back by popular demand, the Charger is a tough, long lasting commercial mower. This machine features an articulating front axle and deck, which allows these components to float freely from the main frame, giving you a smoother ride and reducing gouging when mowing on uneven terrain. 

The Charger is available with engine options of 25.5 HP Kawasaki or 27 HP Kohler, paired with deck sizes of 52" and 60". Running at speeds up to 10 mph, you can mow up to 6 acres per hour. 

Starting with 26" drive tires, a wide wheel base, and fuel tank placement under the seat, this machine has superior holding capabilities, a smoother ride, and reduced turf damage. 

The Defender is available with several engine options, 25.5 HP Kawasaki, 27 HP Kohler, 35 HP Kawasaki, or 29 HP Kohler with Electronic Fuel Injection. The Defender is equipped with 60" and 72" decks, and paired with speeds up to 12.5 mph. The Defender sports Hydro-

Standard on all models is Country Clipper's patented stand-up deck. Using the Quick Release System, the deck can be lifted to nearly 90 degrees for easy access to the underside of the deck. 

All commercial models, and select residential models, are equipped with an articulating front axle and deck. Both float independently of the frame. 

To learn more about the latest Country Clipper products call Country Clipper Mowers at 800-344-8237, or visit


Conestoga Mfg. introduces new spreader model

Osceola, IN: Conestoga Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of compact manure spreaders, has added a new product to its small manure spreader line up. The Model C-125 PTO is designed for daily use by small farms/farmettes, equine stables, and organic farmers. 

The Model C-125 PTO features long-lasting, 10-gauge COR-TEN steel sides, providing unparalleled corrosion resistance. Conestoga's spreaders use stainless steel T-rod chains as a standard part of the spreaders, for improved durability. 

The Model C-125 PTO can be attached to a mid- to large-sized tractor. Standard features include a bed shield to prevent premature manure losses, an adjustable hitch for different tractor heights, and a variable speed apron. Options include a hydraulic end gate to reduce spillage, top beater to assist with spreading, fine spread fan, and GatorHyde bed liner


Conestoga manufacturing introduces new spreader model


Cub Cadet debuts RZT S Zero Electric Zero-Turn riding mower

Apr. 22, 2013

Cleveland, Ohio - Cub Cadet debuts what it says is the first fully electric-powered zero-turn riding lawnmower with steering wheel control and four-wheel steering. An extension of the proven, award-winning RZT S line, the new RZT S ZERO electric zero-turn rider is said to offer premium performance, with the benefit of zero noise, zero gasoline or oil, zero gasoline emissions and zero cumbersome lap bars. Beginning in April, people select markets will have the opportunity to experience this ground-breaking new product at select dealers and as part of the Cub Cadet Test Drive Experience Tour.

In 2012, the Cub Cadet RZT S line introduced the first zero-turn riding mower to offer four-wheel steering controlled by a steering wheel.

"As many have come to expect, Cub Cadet is moving the industry forward," Salamon added. "And we're proud to do it in the U.S. In fact, the entire RZT S line, including the ZERO is manufactured at our plant in Martin, TN,” he added.

The all-new RZT S ZERO is available in select markets and will be headlining the Cub Cadet Test Drive Experience Tour. For more information about Cub Cadet's complete line of premium quality outdoor power equipment and to find a Tour event location near you, visit